Thermomass Projects

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Insulated concrete is very durable and can be finished in any number of ways, making it a great choice for comfortable, energy-efficient homes, apartment buildings, and dormitories.

Thermomass insulated walls are a great choice for homes. Among the many benefits homeowners and their families can expect from integrally insulated exterior concrete walls:

  • Excellent thermal efficiency means lower utility bills
  • Durable, long-lasting finishes stand up to the rigors of everyday life
  • Superior noise reduction means a more quiet, comfortable interior space
  • Solid, edge-to-edge construction helps eliminate pest infiltration

For more ideas about building with insulation concrete, and to see some past projects for which Thermomass was selected, please visit our Houzz page.

Selected Case Studies

Opus HallWashington, DC

This DC dorm features brick-cladding to resemble nearby campus buildings, while integral Thermomass insulation ensures that it outperforms them.

See the complete case study

Other Notable Projects

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