About Thermomass

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Our History

For over 35 years, Thermomass has produced industry-leading insulation systems for concrete sandwich wall construction

Thermomass insulation systems have changed the world. Or, at least the way the world builds with concrete. Since 1980, Thermomass has helped clients build durable, energy efficient, aesthetically versatile and environmentally responsible concrete sandwich walls.

Founded by Robert T. Long in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Thermomass has grown to become the industry leader for concrete sandwich wall insulation products.

With patented systems available for cast-in-place walls, plant-precast wall panels, site-cast tilt-up wall panels and modular precast construction, Thermomass has a solution for all projects ranging from residential homes to high-rise structures.

For more information on our products, please explore http://www.thermomass.com/products/





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