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Safety in Numbers

Hanging on the wall in the Thermomass break room is a large, green, digital ‘clock’ that doesn’t count seconds or minutes or even hours. Days are the only unit it tracks – the number of days since the company’s last workplace injury. This morning, that display shows ‘730’, an impressive two full [...]


Postscript: Plumrose Council Bluffs

Facing the welcome problem of too much demand for its deli sliced meats, smoked hams, bacon, and ribs; Plumrose USA decided that a sustainable, high-tech new production facility was its best bet for continued growth. Note: this post is the first in our Postscript Series. Learn more… From the earliest planning discussions in 2010, [...]

Company News

Postscript Series

One of the toughest parts of my job as the Marketing Manager for Thermomass is keeping up-to-date on all of the projects for which Thermomass products have been selected. That is not meant as a boast of the number of projects we work on – although we are certainly proud of those numbers. Rather, it’s more of an indication of [...]